Want to meditate but can't sit still?

Get your meditation on while you dance your ass off!


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What on earth is HDM?

Hypnotic Dance Meditation, also known as HDM is embodied meditation, that drops you deeper into your heart, while your body moves to the beat of the music, and your subconscious mind receives positive hypnotic guidance. 

HDM grew out of a collaboration between Los Angeles based artists Melissa Rebronja and Will Henshall. Melissa is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Vocalist, and Heart Healer, also previously known as devotional singer EMAR. Will is an award winning veteran music producer and songwriter who founded the 90's #1 selling UK pop band Londonbeat. 

HDM is designed for people who would like to be able to meditate, but can't sit still long enough. The act of moving your body at the same time as listening to guided hypnosis based meditation allows the fidgets to become dance moves, while your unconscious tunes into stillness.



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